The Rise of Leopard Shorts, Jeans and Shoes: Is this Noughties Fashion Frenzy Making a Comeback?

As the Indie Sleaze aesthetic makes a comeback, designers, celebrities and the world have decided that maybe leopard print isn’t so fugly after all. Lets take a look at 5678 Magazines fashion favourites for 2024.

1- Michael Kors Spring Collection 2024

The Spring/Summer 2024 collection is a 60s inspired, animal print fantasy. Muted tones such as deep blacks, brown and camel compliment the leopard and giraffe print patterns perfectly to convey a beige safari of innovative fashion. It’s clear that designer Michael Kors is ready for a leopard print comeback.

2- Rihanna ‘4/20’ Outfit 2024

Rihanna has been spotted representing the leopard print multiple times in 2024. From sporting a thick fur coat on ‘4/20’ in April this year, to flaunting this satin mini skirt and light matching jacket and fur shoulder bag as she left an LA restaurant in LA that same month. April was definitely the month of the big cat.

3- Dolce & Gabbana £5k Jacket

This dreamy trench coat is everything a leopard print lover could wish for. Coming in at $4,995, this piece is a wardrobe staple. The designer label is known for its production of fur leopard print coats, however this priceless jacket is the first of its kind. With a plastic effect coating, but silk inner lining, this 60s inspired trench is the epitome of luxury.

4- The Kardashians 2022-2024

The Kardashian sister are known for wearing leopard print. Especially queen of the bunch, Kim Kardashian. For this iconic look, Kim K wore head to toe leopard print to a swanky dinner in Milan, Italy. I think these sisters have secretly always been a supporter of the spotty animal print.

5- Dior Autumn-Winter Fashion Show 2024

Esteemed fashion designer Christian Dior has confirmed that leopard print is indeed hear to stay, bringing the funky pattern into 2025 as he showcased the winter designs at Paris Fashion Week. The pattern is iconic to the House of Dior, making its first appearance in a collection way back in 1947. Since then, the print has been reused and refreshed through generations of luxury fashion pieces.

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Written by: Mia Rose
Mia Rose is a Final Year Journalism student at the University of Sheffield. She has experience in feature writing and broadcasting. Mia forms a part of the Website Team at 5678 Magazine.