Lookbook: Best Celebrity Alter-Egos
'Scarlet' wax figures that were placed around New York.

Throughout the years, many singers have adopted alter-egos to allow themselves the freedom to act in ways different than what it is typically expected of them. Here are my personal favourites…

10. Caroline Polachek – ‘Ramona Lisa’

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In 2014, Polachek released her debut solo LP ‘Arcadia’ under the moniker ‘Ramona Lisa’. Ramona Lisa is characterised by her black wig, and extra pair of eyes painted on her cheeks. The music released under this alias is described as ‘pastoral electronic’, featuring chimes, horns and organs.

In an interview with Pitchfork, Polachek said: “It’s not about possessing multiple personalities.

“It’s about re-enacting dreams in different ways and finding connections. I’m often bored by what my real life is—there’s nothing about it that I want to show people. It doesn’t feel worthy of the subject of art. My emotions are my own, but it’s much more exciting for me to abstract them into the most extreme version possible.”

Interview by pitchfork

Polachek has not released anything under this alias since 2015.

9. Janet Jackson – ‘Damita Jo’ and ‘Strawberry’

Janet Jackson’s eight studio album saw the birth of ‘Damita Jo’, Jackson’s overtly sexual alter-ego.

Therefore, the album features more sultry and sensual songs as Jackson acts on her sexual fantasies.

The name is derived from a culmination of her middle name and her father’s name.

Additionally within this album, fans were also introduced to the character ‘Strawberry’, the most ‘wild’ of all her identities.

Her first appearance was on the song ‘Strawberry Bounce’.

Jackson said: “A songwriter is like a novelist. You invent characters. Because they’re born out of your brain, they reflect you.

“I hope Strawberry is a good character. Sexually, she’s on fire. She doesn’t mince words. She has to have it and doesn’t care who knows it.”

She added: “As a writer, I created her. As an artist, I find her compelling. She might be crazy, she might even be twisted, but her sexual adventures are exciting.”

8. Christina Aguilera – ‘Xtina’

Christina Aguilera’s alter ego ‘Xtina’ is her most iconic, featuring in her hit music video ‘Dirrty’.

Previously, her music had been very teen-pop, but this new persona saw a much more outgoing and sexually liberated version of the star.

Her hair was dyed black and bleach blonde, her clothing choices were risqué, and she sported several piercings for an edgier look.

Her new look and aforementioned music video garnered criticism by fans and media alike for its sexually explicit nature.

The creation of Xtina was the perfect method to shed her teenage girl image and went on to become one of her most successful songs.

This look also features in our ‘Top 5 Most “Risqué” Musicians Looks of the 2000s.’

7. Lady Gaga – ‘Jo Calderone’

Lady Gaga’s male alter-ego ‘Jo Calderone’ was created in 2010.

He first appeared in Gaga’s music video ‘Yoü and I’ .

Calderone is an Italian- American from New Jersey.

He featured at the 2011 VMA’s and Gaga was incredibly dedicated to the act, only answering questions as Calderone.

Additionally, he accepted the ‘Best Female Video’ and ‘Best Video’ award on Gaga’s behalf.

6. Katy Perry – ‘Kathy Beth Terry’

‘Kathy Beth Terry’ was created by Katy Perry to promote her single ‘Last Friday Night’.

She is a shy and nerdy teenage girl who dresses eccentrically and sports a large dental head brace.

She is the protagonist in the single’s music video in which she throws a house party whilst her parents are away.

Terry also featured in a series of YouTube vlogs posted to her Vevo account.

She has also featured in Perry’s documentary concert film ‘Katy Perry: Part of Me’, but has not made a reappearance since.

5. Beyoncé – ‘Sasha Fierce’

Sasha Fierce, Beyoncé’s alter ego is most famously seen in the ‘Single Ladies’ music video.

Beyoncé first revealed her iconic alter-ego in 2008 upon announcing her new album ‘ I Am… Sasha Fierce’.

The creation of the alter-ego was to clearly establish her confident and bold on-stage personality from her actual reserved personality.

“Sasha Fierce is the fun, more sensual, more aggressive, more outspoken side and more glamorous side that comes out when I’m working and when I’m on the stage.”


4. Doja Cat – ‘Scarlet’

Doja Cat shocked fans when she suddenly adopted a new alter ego – ‘Scarlet’.

Named after her newest album, Scarlet is essentially an ‘evil’ version of Doja.

She appears naked and covered in blood, with short black hair.

According to Doja herself, Scarlet represents “the re-imagination of self.”

She has essentially ‘killed’ her old persona, which Doja has been vocal about disliking, calling her older albums “cash grabs”.

Her first appearance is in the music video for Attention, and several wax figures of the character were put up in New York to promote the aforementioned album. 

3. Nicki Minaj – ‘Roman Zolanski’

When I think of evil celebrity alter-egos, Roman Zolanski comes to mind.

He made his first official appearances in “Bottom’s Up” and “Monster”, portrayed as a vulgar, more outspoken version of Minaj.

His most famous appearance was Minaj’s 2012 Grammy performance titled ‘The Exorcism of Roman’.

He lives inside Minaj and says the things that she doesn’t want to say. According to Minaj, he is a gay man from London.

His most popular appearances on songs are that of ‘Roman’s Revenge’ and ‘Roman Holiday’. 

2. Melanie Martinez – ‘Crybaby’

Crybaby is the fictional alter-ego for the American singer Melanie Martinez, who’s story is seen throughout Melanie’s albums, as well as her film ‘K-12’.

She is most recognisable in her cartoon form, or as portrayed as Martinez herself. As Crybaby, Martinez sports split dyed hair, and doll-like fashion.

She is now more recognisable as ‘The Creature’ in her latest album ‘Portals’, a resurrected version of Crybaby that takes the form of a bright pink, four eyed fairy-like creature.

She is a young and insecure girl with a toxic living situation, from a cheating father to an alcoholic mother. Furthermore, in her film ‘K-12’, her sensitive personality makes her a prime target for bullies.

1. Marina – ‘Electra Heart’

My favourite celebrity alter-ego is Marina’s ‘Electra Heart’.

Her first appearance was on Marina’s sophomore album of the same name.

She is the embodiment of four female archetypes in American pop culture: the housewife, the beauty queen. the homewrecker, and the idle teen.

Her style mimics that of a Marilyn Monroe- esque 50s woman – bottle blonde hair, pin curls and bold eye makeup.

Electra Heart is a pejorative demonstration of the American Dream and capitalism portrayed through the hyper-feminine, but incredibly insecure character.

Marina stated in a 2015 Guardian interview that she killed Electra Heart with sleeping pills, ending the iconic era once and for all.

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Written by: Charleigh Sharp