Chappell Roan Tour Themes: What Would You Wear?

Queer icon Chappell Roan is embarking on her Summer Tour across the USA, and she is serving looks. The independent artist has introduced a unique concept for her tour, encouraging fans to dress up in ‘themed’ outfits. Here’s the catch, the themes are set by Roan herself, and each tour city has its own theme.

Lets take a look at her picks, as I explore what I would wear to each of these concerts.


This theme is mystical and ethereal. We’re talking sheer and shiny fabrics, glittery makeup (the wetter looking the better) and accessories that shine. Extra points for anything turquoise.

The cities that’ll be serving this look include St Petersburg, Madison, Norfolk and Columbia.

‘My Kink is Karma’

We’re talking red sequins, leather and pleather, and extravagant makeup. This one is for the baddies, so get your revenge outfits at the ready, because this look is coming to Asheville, Buffalo, Kalamazoo and Columbus. Lets take a look at the devilish look I have planned.

‘Midwest Princess’

For this look, i’m expecting to see camo, camo and more camo. Get out your army style mini skirts girls, we finally have an occasion to wear them. Oh, and don’t forget your cap and high pony. I’m expecting to see a sea of green at Charleston, Cleveland, St Louis and Tulsa.

‘Pink Pony Club’

Think electric pink, rhinestones and pure slay. This look requires some serious sass, but we think you’ve got that nailed. The cities expected to be transforming into pink cowgirls this summer include Richmond, Little Rock and Raleigh.

Which of these looks is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below.

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Written by: Mia Rose
Mia Rose is a Final Year Journalism student at the University of Sheffield. She has experience in feature writing and broadcasting. Mia forms a part of the Website Team at 5678 Magazine.