Who are we?


5678 Magazine is a digital brand providing a platform that amplifies the voices of underrepresented women in the music industry.

5678 was born in 2024 as a product of Journalism students at the University of Sheffield, Mia, Ana, Sharon, Jess, Charleigh, Kusha and Max.

We aim to boost female narratives in an incredibly male-dominated industry to allow them to be discovered by our readers. We want to expose our readers to a diverse range of women in music, from singers to bassists to DJs. 

Join us on our journey. 




Ana is the 5678 Designer. She is responsible for all the cool designs you see on our website, social and video content!

Mia is the Website Lead at 5678, responsible for the Technological side of things building our website, alongside editing the teams stories and getting them ready for you to read!

Max is the Website and Podcast Editor. He makes sure that all our stories are top quality before they reach your screens, and is in charge of producing our Podcast.