Top 5 BEST looks by female musicians: Vanity Fair Edition

The top 5 best Vanity Fair looks from female artists over the years.

NO.1- July 2003 summer issue, featuring several girl bosses including Hillary Duff, Lindsey Lohan and the Olsen twins.

Vanity Fair paid tribute to “The next wave of young Hollywood talent” in the 2003 Summer edition of Vanity Fair. One iconic question that the young celebs were asking was “How many Juicy Couture tracksuits do you own?”

This cover has also been referred to as a time capsule of millennial youth.

NO.2- Rihanna’s 2015 Vanity Fair shoot.

In October of 2015, Vanity Fair published an issue featuring American Singer, Rihanna. The issue was titled “Rihanna in Cuba:The Cover Story” and featured many fiery images in the colourful streets of Havana.

NO.3- Demi Moore 1991 Vanity Fair Issue.

Iconic actress and songwriter, Demi Moore appeared in the Vanity Fairy August issue of 1991. The shoot consisted of Demi posing nude whilst she was 7 months pregnant. The shoot reportedly caused controversy as it was “shocking to see at the time”.

NO.4- Lizzo “The Showstopper”

Lizzo was seen in a large ruffle, bright red gown in the November edition of 2022. The Emmy and Grammy award-winning superstar gives an insight into her art and the nuances of positivity. The issue was titled “Lizzo: The Showstopper”.

NO.5- Lady GaGa 2010 edition

Lady GaGa stunned on the July Vanity Fair issue of 2010. The issue was titled “Lady GaGa Cultural Revolution”. The singer, songwriter and actress was declared the planet’s biggest pop star back in 2010 and the feature dove into her crazy songwriting style and all things sex, drugs, men, celibacy and tabloid scandals.

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Written by: Jessica Hine