“I don’t believe in competition other than the one with the person I was yesterday” Q&A with London-based singer, Lily Kiing

Lily Kiing, 29, from London, reflects on her journey with music and how to be a bad b in the industry in an exclusive Q&A with 5678.

What is your name age and where are you from?

“My name is Lily Kiing, I am 29 years old and I’m from London, but I have Sierra Leonean blood.”

What kind of genre of music do you create?

“I vary from emotional R&B and Bad B club music.”

Is there a significant factor in your background as to why you turned to producing music?

“Well, I have been in music from a young age as my parents put me into a stage school when I was very little. I then went onto a performing arts secondary school and also got my bachelor’s in Creative Musicianship after exploring sciences and psychology and deciding that my heart lay indefinitely with music production.”

Do you feel at a disadvantage being a woman within the industry/ any struggles or experiences you would like to mention?

“Honestly, no, I’ve been raised with a mentality to fight for what I want. There have been some feelings of being unheard but my main priority was always to put myself in a position where I have done my best efforts. I thrive on seeing others progress and not being afraid of being seen or heard. That’s why I do this, that’s why I push so hard.”

What makes you different from other up-and-coming artists?

“The love and passion I have for music. I don’t believe in competition other than the one with the person I was yesterday. I’m happy for so many inspirational things happening and being able to be apart of the collective about to be part of the collective about to take over the industry.”

What are your passions?

Community and confidence are key. Study the passion you love in order to be considered great in your field. Honestly, life is a passion alone, being able to manifest those dreams everyone told you to give up on.

Lily Kiing’s freestyle rap published by ‘Hardest Bars’ YouTube chanel

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Written by: Jessica Hine