The Ladies With The Most Artistic Album Covers of 2024 

5678 Journalist Mia Rose takes us through some of the most artistic album covers by female artists released in 2024.

1- Tierra Whack: World Wide Whack

This cover conveys a monochrome fever dream- or nightmare- depending on how you look at it. Tierra’s album cover is somehow whimsical, and creepy, at the same time.


Queen B has done it once again. Have you ever seen a better Country album cover?

3-Erika de Casier: Still

Men in Black meets music? This monochrome cover gives us Sci-Fi vibes for sure.

4-Kali Uchis: orquídeas

Stunning. Need I say more? This technicolour masterpiece is serene yet vibrant at the same time.

5- Ariana Grande: eternal sunshine

Arianna keeps it simple, yet aesthetically pleasing with this cover. The faceless art leaves us desperate for more.

6- Sierra Ferrell: Trail Of Flowers

In this ethereal cover, Sierra takes us on a fairy-tale adventure.

7- Dua Lipa: Radical Optimism 

How can an image be calming yet sinister at the same time? Dua has certainly left us all confused.

8-Frances Chang: Psychedelic Anxiety

This cover is an artists fever-dream. The subtle colours compliment the striking self portrait of Frances Chang.

9- Brittany Howard: What Now

Are we back in the 70’s? This playful imagery toys with reality and time.

10- Billie Eilish: Hit Me Hard And Soft

For Billie’s third album cover, she was dragged underwater by weights. Now that’s dedication to art.

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Written by: Mia Rose
Mia Rose is a Final Year Journalism student at the University of Sheffield. She has experience in feature writing and broadcasting. Mia forms a part of the Website Team at 5678 Magazine.