Chart topping dreams, beyond the bullies: Meet Miceala Kliensmith – A South African Voice!

Meet Micaela Kleinsmith, a talented 28-year-old musician with the vibrant rhythm of South Africa coursing through her veins. Born and raised in Cape Town, she was surrounded with sights, sounds, and stories that shaped her unique musical style. Her community’s vibrant energy, combined with everyday struggles, infused her music with a powerful blend of grit and grace. In 2023, Micaela won the prestigious My Kind of Country award, further cementing her status as a rising star. Micaela Kleinsmith is now poised to take the world by storm with her distinctive sound.

Micaela Kleinsmith’s childhood was anything but typical. While other kids played soccer in the dusty streets, Micaela immersed herself in a world of melodies and fantastical lyrics. School presented its own challenges, as she faced bullies who tried to dim her sparkle. However, Micaela’s tenacity and resilience, traits that now define her music, kept her from being silenced. She continued to nurture her passion for music, using her experiences to fuel her creativity and drive.

“Oh man, can you still remember Micaela belting out tunes in the shower?” she laughs, a touch of nostalgia in her voice.  “Whitney Houston, Shania Twain, whoever was topping the charts at the time. My poor family probably never knew what hit them!”  Those early days of singing along to the radio blossomed into a burning desire to perform.  

Micaels’s winning song at ‘my kind of country’ awards 2023

“Idols SA was a blast,” she grins, “though let’s just say I didn’t quite snag the top prize. But hey, that’s when I knew I had to chase this dream a little further!”

So, with a suitcase full of dreams (and maybe a few doodles of Nashville on the cover!), Micaela set her sights on a bigger stage.  “My Kind of Country” was a whirlwind,” she recalls, eyes sparkling.  “It felt like a Texas two-step on a July afternoon – fierce competition, but with some incredible people!”  Working with Orville Peck, a legend himself, was a dream come true. “He really helped me embrace my unique sound, that blend of vulnerability and, well, maybe a little sass!” she adds with a playful wink.

“Being myself is what truly matters,” Micaela says, pushing a stray strand of hair behind her ear.  “I won’t be caught pretending to be someone I am not.  Sometimes that means letting loose with a good cry after a tough day, or belting out show tunes in my PJs at the top of my lungs.”  Hey, no judgement here! That’s why she loves connecting with fans – they get the real Micaela, the laughter, the tears, the whole package.  “There was this one message after a concert,” she recalls, a smile blooming on her face, “from a young girl who said Micaela’s music helped her find her voice.  Honestly, moments like that make it all worth it.”

But music isn’t Micaela’s only passion.  “I am a huge advocate for causes close to her heart,” she explains, her voice warming.  “Organisations like the Butterfly Effect are doing incredible work to support women and children facing challenges.  If I can use my voice to help others, then that’s a win in my book!”  It all stems from a belief in the power of community, something she learned growing up in South Africa.  “We all have a story to tell, a struggle to overcome.  The more we lift each other up, the stronger we all become.”

Speaking of passions, let’s not forget Micaela’s love for food!  “Korean BBQ? Sign me up!” she laughs.  “Or a perfectly cooked steak – that’s pure heaven on a plate.”  But Micaela’s culinary adventures go beyond just devouring deliciousness.  

Cooking itself is a kind of therapy for her. “It’s a way to express my creativity and whip up some love for the people I cares about,” she explains.  Picture her in the kitchen, surrounded by colourful ingredients, humming a tune as she creates a culinary masterpiece – pure bliss!  “Though,” she adds with a mischievous grin, “sometimes my experiments don’t quite go as planned.” Let’s just say her housemates have learned to approach new dishes with a healthy dose of caution!

So, who is Micaela Kleinsmith?  Well, she’s a dreamer with a plan, a friend who’d give someone the shirt off her back (if it matched her outfit, of course!), and yes, maybe a tad emotional sometimes.  But as she always says, “Strength isn’t about hiding your feelings, it’s about having the courage to be real.”  And that’s exactly what she plans to do, one heartfelt song and perfectly cooked meal (hopefully!) at a time.

Oh, and did she mention the dream of getting a Pomeranian?  Those fluffy little bundles of joy just melt her heart.  Maybe someday soon, there’ll be a furry addition to the Micaela Kleinsmith experience!  And who knows, maybe she’ll even write a song about it. After all, inspiration can strike anywhere, even from the wagging tail of a four-legged friend.  Now that’s a story worth singing about!

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Written by: Kusha Singh