Q&A: Chicago Rapper Dai, reflects on her role in the rap game

What kind of music do you create?

Dai: “I am a hip hop artist and I go by the name ‘radical night’ in the local Bronzeville, Chicago area.”

Do you feel being a female artist has any sort of disadvantages within the music industry?

Dai: “Being a woman artist in the industry has its cons,  but I focus more on the pros and demand my respect in whatever room I walk in. I live by that and it’s gotten me pretty far in terms of gigs and male-dominated spaces so far in my career.”

Do you have any new projects coming out soon?

Dai: “Yes! I have a new single out called Razzmatazz.”

What advice would you give somebody wanting to start a career in music?

Dai: “Do it if it’s something you love to do. Let the experience free you. Music is art and it lives forever. In making music you can express yourself through a form of art that can then become a career so if you are talented and you enjoy it. Why not? What is stopping you?”

Are there any achievements that stand out to you so far in your career?

Dai: “I could list so many but just being a black woman in the music industry is an acheivment in itself. It’s hard and you have to fight for your spot but once you’ve earned that the world is your sister and you can achieve anything you set your mind to. That is probably my main accomplishment that I am proud of.”

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Written by: Jessica Hine